Floki lovers will love this high yield and deflationary moonshot!

BabyFloki Telegram

$BabyFloki Core Mechanism

$BabyFloki core works in the following way:

2% Get automaticly paid out to token holders of this moonshot!

Every investor will get more tokens from every transaction made in $BabyFloki

Elon's Puppy on its way to the moon!

Exceptional Community Project. The bigger is the community, the far will reach in the crypto space.

Baby Floki Token Model $BabyFloki


550.000.000 $BabyFloki

Presale vesting

50% on launch. 25% after 2 weeks. 25% after 4 weeks.

Initial Liquidity

400.000.000 $BabyFloki


50.000.000 $BabyFloki

CEX listing coming soon.

Long-term project. Our goal is to achieveGreatness.

As the first step of the ecosystem, marketing and exchanges are our priority in order to generate more volume. The more volume, more rewards for holders. Come aboard and let's go explore the infinite universe, future is bright and we're excited about it.

Listing in Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
Big Community Support

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